Sustainable forest management plans the use and management of forests with an ethical and responsible approach. The goal is to achieve a social, economic and environmental balance of the Mediterranean forests, so as to ensure their sustainability for present and future generations.

The benefits provided by sustainable forest management are many. From an environmental point of view, it contributes to the conservation of soil, the regulation of the hydrological cycle, the prevention of erosion, and the protection of biodiversity. From an ecological point of view, it enhances the role of forests in absorbing CO2 and contributes to the fight against climate change. From a social perspective, it promotes traditional forestry production and helps generate rural employment.

The PEFC Forest certification is the recognition of its environmental quality, as well as the accreditation, through an independent auditor, that these forests are being managed according to sustainability requirements established by international standards ( By way of the PEFC seal, consumers are assured that ethical and ecological DELAFORESTA products were obtained in keeping with the implementation of a management plan ensuring the protection of our Mediterranean forests.