The Acción Forestal Group has long been an adviser to woodland owners in southern Spain, regarding the care and maintenance of Mediterranean forests, to obtain top quality, PEFC certified productions. As a fruit of this experience, the team decided to develop and market their own products, obtained from pure Ibérico pigs that are happily reared on free-range farms within these sustainable forests.

DELAFORESTA stems from our commitment to nature and presents a select range of pure Ibérico de bellota (acorn-fed) hams, shoulder hams, and loins, certified as Premium quality, from PEFC forests. These forests are certified by a responsible management system that guarantees the protection of biodiversity.

The object of this project is to aid in the ethical promotion of the numerous non-timber forest products offered by the Mediterranean forest, hence working towards its sustainability. DELAFORESTA is currently the only brand in the world that produces and markets pure Ibérico de bellota hams that are certified in sustainable forest management. We intend to continue expanding our product range with the offer of sustainable forest game meat and honey, among others.